Goth Louise & Mikkumiku Kagami

Here’s a short post on a couple of little goodies I’ve aquired lately. Recently won Goth Louise from a giveaway. She really is quite lovely, and I’m so glad to have won her. To be honest, I would not have thought of getting her on my own since I don’t know who Louise is, but the quality of the figure is fantastic.
My latest nendoroid, is the very cute Mikkumiku Kagami. I didn’t initially think of getting her, but after seeing her in a few post it was hard not to pick her up. Quite adorable, don’t you agree?

What she pointing at?

What she pointing at?

Funny thing is, I’ve never watch the anime Lucky star, nor do I have any figures of the original Miku Hatsune. So what prompted me to get her is still unknown to me, but I don’t regret getting her one bit. Easily one of my favorites.

Super cute

As you can see, many of the residence have welcomed Louise. She doesn’t seem to friendly though, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea for Homer to do that…
Mmm... pantsu.

Mmm... pantsu.

Kagami actually has made a couple of nendoroid friends here. However, she has to get use to their sense of humor. Here, Kagami inquired about Melissa’s pumpkin skirt, and asked what’s it really for. The answer: to hold her pet dolphin of course. She’s looking a little pale having told the answer.
Melissa's dolphin

Melissa's dolphin


~ by FatB on August 30, 2009.

18 Responses to “Goth Louise & Mikkumiku Kagami”

  1. LOL @ Homer shot xD

    Louise looks quite good.. but I’m already on bread ._.

  2. Tsk tsk homer lol pet dolphin…. Hope it doesn’t bite ^^;

  3. It’d be so easy for Louise to step on Homer there 😛

    And where the heck did you get that dolphin??

  4. @maru> Maybe switch from bread to crackers? =p

  5. @chun> pet dolphins only want luv

  6. @lightningsabre> This thing? I was born with it. Silly question.

  7. After deciding to lurk around at some DC member home now I found it! So this is the source of all anomaly in
    (btw I used different nick in DC –> Ravine)

    But following this I think I like your storytelling FatB..

  8. @FatB tough luv?

  9. aww, Kagami is so innocent. Like both figures a lot.

  10. =O So you were the lucky Louise winner! I’m so jealous ^^ she looks great!

  11. I should also get myself some maid figure, at least one.

  12. Amazing picture ! I discover your blog thank your figure fm comment and I love your Louise picture (Louise is my favorite character ^^)

  13. @Mafty> LOL! Anomaly?

  14. @phossil> If I didn’t win Louise I wouldn’t have got her, but she’s great. Kagamiku is full of cuteness it’s unbearable.

  15. @tsundere> Yeah, that’s me. Don’t be jealous, you can win the next giveaway =)

  16. @Yaku> You should, but I’m sure this one isn’t naughty enough for you…

  17. @Leonia> Thanks so much! I’ve said it before, but this Goth Louise has great detail and personality.

  18. nice dolphin.

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