My Neighbor Totoro 3D

!!Starring Rin Kokonoe!!

Little Rin had come from far, far away. She was from the big city, and moved to the country.
After a long journey, she finally arrive to her new home. Being the mischievous little adventurer, she was quick to start exploring her new surroundings.

On a bright sunny afternoon, she decided to roam around the grassy garden of her new home. Lush with greenery, she could hardly see past the tall grass. Suddenly, she thought she spotted something. A movement in the grass up ahead.
She grew excited that she might have found a friend to play with and rushed to investigate.

She came upon a large pine bush, but the sounds of the garden had been replaced with a low rumbling.
Rin cautiously peeked around the bush, and saw found a rather large furry creature snoozing in the shade.

Rin had heard tales of such a creature named Totoro from her homeland, and wondered if this could be him.
She approached the giant creature who seem to ignore her, and climbed on to it’s belly for a closer look.
Despite her intrusion, he continued to sleep, but Rin couldn’t resist waking him…

The beast looked puzzled at first. Eyes wide, and wondering who had disturbed it’s sweet slumber.
Upon seeing Rin, she looked directly at him, giggled and asked “Are you Totoro?”
Totoro just wanted to go back to sleep…

Rin wouldn’t have any of it though, and Totoro let out a monsterous yawn. Rin responded with a loud growl of her own as she sat gleefully on Totoro’s belly.
“You must be Totoro,” she smiled. “You’re so soft and fluffy”…

As the day went by Rin continued to fully enjoy teasing the furry bear-cat. Totoro just continued to lazily lay while little Rin continued her playfully teasing…

Finally, as the sun was setting, and little Rin grew tired. Her playful taunting subsided as the sun made it’s way to the horizon. She laid her head on Totoro’s soft belly, and quickly fell asleep…

This little adventure was made possible thru the generousity of illustrator & doll seamstress extraordinaire, Chun. Who rescued Rin from a lonely shelf in Akihabara, Tokyo. Thanks Chun!


~ by FatB on July 23, 2009.

11 Responses to “My Neighbor Totoro 3D”

  1. Hahaah, oh wow, dude, your photos are just damn awesome šŸ˜€ Seriously, you gotta post more stuff more often!

  2. @Michael F> Thanks! Mucho appreciato. I might be more snap happy when I get a nicer camera

  3. rin soooo cute haha glad she’s got some photo time lol!

  4. Nice re-enactment of that scene in “My neighbor Totoro”..:P

  5. lol. rin is lovely and nice reenactment of the totoro movie.

  6. @chun> Thanks so much for giving her to me! ^_^

  7. @TaRzAn> Thanks for visiting!

  8. @6pack> Rin is definitely the cutest nendoroid so far

  9. I love the concept and the photography. Interesting!

  10. @LEon> Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Hello, just wanted to let you kow how much of an interesting read this was. Look forward to the next installment.

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