Wonderfest Melissa Nendoroid

Nani? A second update in less than a week? That’s unheard of for me, but here we go…

Hail to the Queen, Baby. *Jazz hands*

Hail to the Queen, Baby! *Jazz hands*

So I was downtown the other day getting my haircut (my sis says I look like a friggin schoolboy), and decided to stop by one of the very few local figure shops I know of existing in the city. My intention was to purely browse, but after perusing the stocked shelves I came upon this cute, little nendoroid. I’ve never purchased one of these nendoroids before as their deformed nature usually doesn’t appeal to me. However after talkin to Tomy, the store owner, who informed me that it was a limited exclusive I decided why not. Many of you know that there is a regular version of this figure, but I never thought of getting her even tho she’s equally as appealing if not more so. So why am I taking pics of my cute little friend? Well, the gf is planning to steal her from under me ASAP after seeing her to adorn her office of all things cute. Ever more reason to limit future nendoroid acquisitions me thinks. Nonetheless, here’s some pic of her before her forthcoming disappearance. Bask in her godly cuteness…


Fertilizer is good for plants, no?

I said hasenpfeffer, Biatches!

I said hasenpfeffer, Biatches!

Bird, bird, bird... flippin bird is the word

Bird, bird, bird... flippin bird is the word

Well, Melissa waves farewell to you all before her departure. She’s a tough cookie, so she’ll be alright. You can see by her mischievous smile shes sad to see you go. Look! she’s even raising a finger at you saying your #1… or not.


~ by FatB on April 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “Wonderfest Melissa Nendoroid”

  1. awwwww and frigging schoolboy, isn’t it supposed to be a compliment? LOL

  2. Cute!

  3. Wonderful pics again! The future seems very promising!

    And what do you mean “2 whole posts in a week” :p I’ve been making at least 1 post daily on my site for the past month, and tomorrow its been a full month since I put the site up. ^_^

  4. @Michael F: lol, I think he’s referring to himself- this is like, what, FatB’s third post in months?

    But as Mike says, lovely photos there:)

  5. @aprilius20, sorry, I just worded my reply poorly. What I meant to say was that I managed to get upwards of 50 posts out in the past month, whereas he got only 2 (excluding that first one) :p

    Just a compare & contrast thing.

  6. @aprilius> you are correct good sir.

  7. @Michael F> I don’t think I could manage 50. I barely managed 2. ^^;

  8. @chun> My sis had the same expression as Melissa, so I’d have to say no

  9. @FatB: Lol, which one of Melissa’s expressions?

  10. Gahh, her little crying face is too cute!

  11. Awww so cute! Her combination with Totoro is killer!

  12. LoL, at least now you know what to get her for birthdays and other present-giving-related days.

  13. good shots but my eyes still hurt from the small fonts.

  14. Waaa so cute! I’m glad you’re updating this blog!

  15. cute! wish I had the wonfest ed as well. ^^

  16. Nice as always.

  17. she looks best with the cape! interesting photos ^^

  18. On an unrelated, but related topic. You asked who was selling Melissa in puchi blurbs, but when I was going to reply it went wonky. If you didn’t see then it’s Yaku who’s selling a Melissa Nendoroid (Not a WonFes edition methinks), except she doesn’t have the box anymore. Want me to contact her?

  19. nice photo shoot. love the pic with her sitting between totoro’s ears.

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