Super Soniko

Konnichiwa Soniko fans. Well, she finally arrived after months of waiting for her release. As many of you may know, I came into possession of Soniko thru a giveaway at way back in November of last year. Unfortunately, her release date was pushed back till recently, but I’m glad she is finally here and settling in. Thanks again to Danny and Hobby Link Japan for their generosity.
So despite my lack of EVER updating this blog, it was relayed to me that many of you actually wanted to see a posting of her. While I’m not one to post reviews on figures, as I’m not really a collector of sorts, I’m more than happy to oblige. Its the least I could do for all the great individuals I’ve met thru the DC community. It’s a rarity to find such a outstanding group of people who are so supportive of each others common interests. How could I say ‘no’?
However, I won’t waste this opportunity on posting a review. You can find that elsewhere on the net, and I am no where qualified to say if you should or should not get Soniko for yourself. I can only say that I like her alot despite her few flaws, and couldn’t be happier she made her long journey across the ocean. While her ecchiness factor might deter some of you from getting her, I can honestly say that both male and female friends seem to gravitate towards her as soon as they lay eyes on her. So here’s a few fun pics of Soniko just doing what she does best. Enjoy (NSFW)!

Hello Soniko-san. A cake and two pies for me? You shouldn't have.

Hello Soniko-san. A cake and two pies for me? You shouldn't have.

Despite her shy disposition, Soniko doesn’t seem to mind parading around wearing almost nothing. However, like most girls, she love accessories. She maybe fond of chocolate cake, but Soniko is apparently more fond of high caliber weapons. She stole this rifle from Nida Schuetlich while she wasn’t looking. Suits her quite well I must say, and it never hurts to have a little protection. I wonder what will happen when Nina finds out…


Guarding Op-Pies

Guarding Op-Pies

I should have warned her when she first arrived, but it totally slipped my mind. There is a master thief lurking among us. He relatively harmless, but a nuisance nonetheless. He blows in like the wind, and disappears before you even know he was there. Usually likes stealing ones things, and placing them elsewhere. While I don’t know his true intentions, he probably just mischievous as things never go missing for long. Here’s a rare security pic of the thief himself. A little grainy and out of focus, but its obvious he enjoys his own antics. Poor Soniko got her rifle and her pantsu stolen. I believe you can see it dangling from the culprit’s ear. For shame…

Totoro 2: Pantsu Bandit

Totoro 2: Pantsu Bandit

Where I live, people are usually helpful to people in need. Especially if you’re young and attractive. Here we see a good samaritan helping to console Soniko after her ordeal. See how eager he is to help her? And they say a real gentleman is hard to find these days; nonsense. Never judge a book buy it cover… unless he’s really really ugly… or smells bad… or both. Eh, go ahead and judge.

Mmmmm... Pies *drool*

Mmmmm... Pies *drool*

Soniko has an amazing talent of getting the attention of everyone around her. Everyone within her vicinity automatically comes in, and challenges her to a staring contest. Here we see her with her latest challenger, and you can tell he determined to win. His eyes are so wide it almost likes like he’s mesmerized. Looks like they’ll both be at it awhile, so best not to disturb them. Both are pros judging from how fixed his glaze is, and Soniko is obviously use to people staring into her eyes. Unfortunately, I’m no good at staring contests; only pie eating contests.

Concentrate. Focus power.

Concentrate. Focus power.

Hmm… Looks like Nida found out about her rifle, but it didn’t turn out too well for her. Girls and their cat fights *Rawr*. Oh, I know I should be mad at Soniko, but one look at her b00bs face just melts my black heart. I’m sure she’s genuinely sorry. How can you stay mad with b00bs a face like that? Just make sure you put the knife back in its proper place as soon as you’re done, OK? Such a sweet girl.

Nice boat.

Nice boat.

Well thanks for stopping by. When I have more time I’ll put more into this blog, but for now a little dab will have to do ya. I’m a little rusty since my days on AA, so please forgive. Do stop by, and check out his site if you’re into anything and all that is Japan. T’is all good.


~ by FatB on April 11, 2009.

16 Responses to “Super Soniko”

  1. ahahaha great job fatB πŸ˜› gotta love the strategically placed stuff πŸ˜› fanboys will appreciate the fan service of oh-pies…

  2. She is great indeed. Mine is not out of the box yet though.

  3. Hahah, great photos πŸ™‚ witty. Also nice boat ftw ^_-

  4. She looks like she’s enjoying Homer’s attention *far* too much. C’mon, girl, surely I’m better…?

  5. Nice big house too?

  6. Yandere Soniko… Kowaii O.o She should stick to staring contests…

  7. Haha I love your photos with the totoros. I must get hold of them as well.

  8. u are not going to finish all that cake by yourself right? (‘~’)

  9. good samaritan indeed!! rofl

  10. LOL @ those creative photo ^_^

  11. Nice story there- dunno what Miyazaki will think about you turning Totoro into a pantsu thief though:)

  12. @Panther> Ironically, I’ll probably keep her in the box after this shoot

  13. @Danny> No idea what you mean =P

  14. @gordon> You can have the cake; I prefer pie

  15. Ohhh she’s gorgeous!!! Glad you uhm censored her lol make me feel less guilty ^^;

  16. Ahahaha… nice pictures…. Me wants that Homer figure… >.<

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