Who be knock’in?

Welcome. Post a holler, so I can see who’s lurking about… ^^



~ by FatB on January 8, 2009.

33 Responses to “Who be knock’in?”

  1. Yey!

  2. Best blog ever! ^^

  3. Do I knock the door or the Totoro? ^^;

  4. o.o

  5. Ha ha ha! Oh, wow! You finally made a blog! =P

  6. @lightningS: Totoros are ferocious creatures. Best not to anger them, or they will publicly de-pant you and mock the size of your… IQ.

  7. Aye, I shoulda learned from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RFv5i8LTek
    My “IQ” would be the least of my worries.

  8. Leaving some oppai cake by the doorstep.

  9. Wait! Where is all the ecchi stuff?

  10. @Danny: On the top page, there’s a “dannychoo.com” link… ALL the ecchi stuff is there. *Zing* ^^

  11. i brought cookies and lots of milk.

  12. *leave offering of banana cake* 😛
    Lightning wants to knock totoro? ^^;

  13. elo elo, glad to see you blogging. ^^

  14. *knock knock*
    moshi moshi, FatB are you home?
    I’ll leave some cupcake in your mailbox ^_^

  15. Ahhhaha your blog already lookin better than mine! ^___^

    *pats on back*

    You should post pics of all those DC prizes you got there 😀

  16. @WiseF> Me is busy with my web design courses, but thanks for dropping by.

  17. @Mimi> Oh, I can only take credit for the pictures on the header and blog as they are from my travel photos. Will post more interesting stuff when I got more time, and Soniko doesn’t release till March ^^;. Thanks for visiting!

  18. @chun: Knock *ON* Totoro… cuz his belly’s so big!

  19. @Chun and Lighningsaber, wha? who knocked up totoro?

  20. BOO

  21. please tell danny choo to quit linking to your blog, its attracting the gutter slime 🙂

  22. It’s Totoro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Cool you got a blog! I guess I need to get my arss in gear and make one… ^^;
    How about some pie!?

  24. in ur blogz, lurkin ur postz

  25. I be knocking. With, uh, a sledgehammer and wily promises of pie. I leave the rest to your imagination.

    Oh, and I be known as litokid. Planning a change up in names soon so used this ‘un for WordPress.

  26. bro, time to get that lazy ass off the shelf and update this blog with new content. and while u are at it, make the font bigger. be kind to this old man and his eyes ya?

  27. Methinks Totoro would get along well with Domo-kun… *Domo-kun at the door* Rawr?

  28. *pokes FatB

  29. :knock knock: Lohaaaaa!

  30. knocku knocku~

  31. knock Knock: Mabuhay!

  32. I think I’ll knock on the door also.

  33. Rawr!

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